Excenture Business Solutions is able to provide affordable customized solutions for your corrugated packaging needs. The following are examples of our provided service benefits.

Product Design

Through our access to a 72" x 118" Kongsberg Cad Table, we are able to design and produce an unlimited variety of corrugated boxes, other containers, and sheet products to meet the specialized needs of our customers.

Cutting Dies

Through the ability to access cutting dies that have been manufactured in-house, we are able to substantially reduce the lead time needed to start the production of customer orders.

On-Site Corrugator

All Excenture customers receive the benefit of our access to an on-site corrugator that is able to produce flute profiles of C & B, single wall, and CB double wall up to a maximum sheet size of 74".

Edge Crush Values

All Excenture products have edge crush values of 29-32-40-44 single wall and 42-48-51 double wall.

Functional Coatings

All our products are MRA, Michelman grease resistant.

Medium Basis Weight

23 pounds and 33 pounds, recycled.